Paragliding & More


Gloei is not your ordinary pilot; he’s an accomplished Paramotor and Paragliding acro pilot, Wing-suit BASE jumper, skydive wing-suit instructor, Skydiver, and the Red Bull Airsports director for Africa!

He’s joined the prestigious International Apco Team in 2020, which is a testament to his exceptional skill and expertise. Apco Aviation, a global leader in paraglidiers, harnesses, parachute reserve systems, and more has been setting the industry standards for over 40 years. Boasting over 16 World records and numerous achievements on both national and international stages, their products continue to push boundaries, and we’re thrilled to have Gloei showcasing his skills with APCO’s cutting-edge equipment.

Prepare to witness unparalleled aerobatics, daring manoeuvres, and breath-taking feats at the West Coast Airshow 2023.