WHY SPONSOR AN AIR SHOW? Air Shows are ranked as one of the most popular family entertainment events worldwide. Air shows appeal to a cross-community of cultures, and ages and is gender inclusive.



There are many sponsorship options available including naming rights.  contact our team if you wish to discuss this great opportunity. We are open to ideas and customize packages to suit your specific needs.


  • Western Cape Families/individuals (ages 18 – 45) who seek new and thrilling adventures and love traveling.
  • Western Cape thrill-seeking Youth / young adults (ages 16 – 35) who are passionate, creative, innovative, and love taking risks, and seeking their next adrenaline rush!
  • Young Future-Makers, brave, curious, excited about the future
  • Aviation enthusiasts – of all ages & genders


  • Web
  • Social Media
  • Newspaper
  • Online Media
  • Magazines
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Tickets, Promotional Competitions
  • Event Branding, Air Show Commentary & BIG SCREEN


Increased brand exposure: The air show attracts a diverse audience from various cultures, ages, and genders, providing an opportunity for your brand as a sponsor to increase your brand exposure to a broad target audience and potential customers.

Positive brand association: By sponsoring the West Coast Airshow your brand will help to promote tourism, youth development, and economic growth in the West Coast and Saldanha Bay Region. As a sponsor, you will demonstrate your commitment to community development.

Access to a targeted market: The air show’s attendees include aviation enthusiasts, families, youth, and tourists, providing you as a sponsor access to a targeted market that is interested in aviation, leisure activities, thrill-seeking adventures, and travel.

Hospitality benefits: As a sponsor, you will enjoy hospitality benefits, including VIP access to the air show and music concert and *exclusive access to pilots and selected aircraft. Your brand will have a dedicated space to erect its own hospitality area to host clients or interact with the public. Excellent opportunities for sponsors, partners, and guests to network. (*T’s & Cs apply)

Media exposure: The air show generates significant media coverage, including local and national news outlets, aviation publications, and social media platforms, providing you as a sponsor with additional exposure and brand recognition.

Product demonstrations and activations: As a sponsor the air show provides your brand with ample opportunities to showcase your products and services through product demonstrations and activations, providing a unique opportunity to engage with potential customers in a fun and interactive environment.

Corporate social responsibility: Sponsoring the air show is an opportunity for your brand to demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility by supporting our youth development program and promoting economic growth in the region.

In conclusion, sponsoring the West Coast Airshow provides a range of benefits, including increased brand exposure, positive brand association, access to a targeted market, hospitality benefits, media exposure, product demonstrations and activations, and corporate social responsibility.

Please contact our team if you wish to discuss sponsorship opportunities for the 2023 West Coast Airshow. You are also welcome to make contact to discuss future sponsorship.