Dr Clive Coetzee

Dr Clive Coetzee

Main Organiser

A Visionary Organiser of Extraordinary Air Shows

Dr Clive Coetzee is an internationally recognized, accomplished economist and former Treasurer of KZN. Dr Coetzee has successfully organized and hosted 24 air shows in KZN. To date he has hosted 25 successful air shows. His track record speaks for itself.

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Get ready to be enthralled by the incredible journey of Dr Clive Coetzee, the mastermind behind the West Coast Air Show. Driven by a passion for aviation and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Dr Coetzee is a distinguished research scientist at the TRADE Research Unit, WTO Chair, and the School of Economic Sciences at the North-West University in South Africa. But his accomplishments go far beyond academia.

With a remarkable track record in organising highly successful air shows, Dr Coetzee has showcased his expertise in advanced econometrics and geographic information systems. His journey began with his military studies at the University of Stellenbosch, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in management sciences and a bachelor’s Honours degree in Economics. He further pursued a master’s degree in economics and obtained a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

During his tenure in the South African Air Force from 1990 to 2000, Dr Coetzee served in various roles, including training instructor, operations officer, and commanding officer of multiple squadrons. He later embarked on an academic path as a lecturer in Economics at the Faculty of Military Science, University of Stellenbosch, and the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town. His relentless pursuit of knowledge led him to join the School of Economics and Finance at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

In 2008, Dr Coetzee’s talents and leadership were recognised as he assumed the role of Chief Director of Infrastructure Management and Economic Services at the Provincial Treasury in KwaZulu-Natal. But his true passion lay in aviation and organising awe-inspiring air shows that captivate audiences.

In 2011, the KZN Winter Air Tour was born—an ambitious initiative conceptualised by Dr Coetzee to promote multiple airports in the KwaZulu-Natal Province. The tour proved to be a tremendous success, hosting consecutive air shows in Newcastle, Ulundi, Richards Bay, Pietermaritzburg, Margate, and Durban within six weeks—a feat unheard of in South Africa and the world. The following years saw the tour expand its reach, delighting audiences with remarkable displays of aerial prowess in various locations.

The pinnacle of Dr Coetzee’s accomplishments came with the creation of the Durban Land Sea and Air Festival—a three-day extravaganza that included the first-ever Red Bull-based international aerobatic championship, featuring six international pilots. This extraordinary event, held at the Durban Waterfront, drew an astonishing 150,000 spectators, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

But Dr Coetzee’s endeavours extend beyond organising spectacular air shows. He is deeply committed to uplifting children from disadvantaged communities, partnering with Federal Air to run a highly successful development program.

Recognising his immense contributions to the sport of aviation, Dr Coetzee has received several prestigious awards. The Aero Club of SA bestowed upon him a Special Recognition Award for the KZN Winter Air Tour and honoured the Durban Land, Sea & Air Festival as the Best Air Show.

With the West Coast Air Show that took flight for the first time in 2022, Dr Clive Coetzee is poised to lead the way in showcasing the untapped potential of the West Coast Region. His vision to leverage this event for social and economic development and position the region as a premier tourist destination is both inspiring and commendable.

Rikus Erasmus

Rikus Erasmus

Chairman of Air Show SA

Rikus Erasmus, the chairman of Air Show SA (ASSA) and the Flight Display Director of the West Coast Air Show.


Brian Emmenis

Brian Emmenis

The voice of the West Coast skies

With his unmistakable voice and extensive experience, Brian Emmenis has become a household name in the air show industry, captivating audiences with his exceptional commentary skills.

Brian’s journey in the world of air shows began in 1985 when he introduced his unique creativity to create a fully immersive experience for spectators. He understood that by adding an element of creativity, air shows could transcend mere exhibitions and become unforgettable moments for everyone involved. Since then, Brian has been instrumental in shaping the air show landscape in South Africa and beyond.

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His inaugural air show took place at the Welkom Airport in 1985, and from that moment, Brian’s passion for aviation and commentary flourished. In 1986, he joined the prestigious Silver Falcons Team 31, embarking on a thrilling adventure that saw him crisscrossing South Africa, providing exclusive commentary for their awe-inspiring displays.

Over the years, Brian has lent his captivating voice to numerous air shows, not only in South Africa but also in countries such as the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and the USA. His wealth of experience and expertise make him the perfect choice to bring the West Coast Air Show to life.

As the founder of Capital Sounds, Brian’s company serves as the official supplier of high-quality sound systems and broadcast services for many air shows throughout South Africa. For the West Coast Air Show, Brian will be accompanied by a talented team, including Leon du Plessis, an aviation researcher with 23 years of experience working alongside Brian, Richard Fouche, the executive producer with a remarkable 38-year partnership with Brian, and audio technical crew members Michiel Rascher, Philip Scott, and Rodger Coetzee.

Prepare to be mesmerised by Brian Emmenis’ captivating commentary, as he takes you on a thrilling journey through the skies during the West Coast Air Show. Join us and experience the magic of aviation like never before.

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