FlyFPVSA – Drone Racing

FlyFPVSA will bring the exciting sport of drone racing to you on 30 September at the West Coast  Airshow. Look forward to witnessing the FlyFPV SA team attempting to set up a new SA straight line speed record for an FPV quad.

FlyFPVSA is a volunteer organisation run by First Person View (FPV) pilots and enthusiasts. It is a Special Interest Group of the South African Model Aircraft Association, recognised by SASCOC and the Aero Cub of South Africa. FlyFPVSA organizes local, regional, and national drone racing competitions, promoting and developing the sport of drone racing from the school level to the selection of the South Africa National Drone Racing Team.



Skyhook – Elevating Cinematic Excellence with Drones

Get ready to be mesmerised by the art of aerial cinematography on 30 September 2023! Skyhook’s mission is to provide you with top-tier equipment and operators, ensuring you capture the perfect shot. With over a decade of experience, they specialise in high-end, customised drone solutions for the international film, commercial, and photography industry.

From breathtaking aerial photography and videography to building custom drone solutions, Skyhook’s expertise knows no bounds. Based in sunny Cape Town, South Africa, they’re strategically located to capture diverse landscapes – from mountains to oceans and urban vistas.

Skyhook’s fleet includes cutting-edge drones tailored to your needs, whether it’s a heavy-lifting cinematic setup or a nimble racer for extreme sports tracking. Their CEO’s architectural background infuses innovative design into their custom rigs, making the impossible possible.

Join us at the West Coast Airshow to witness Skyhook’s cinematic magic that’s redefining the art of storytelling from the skies!


AutonoSky – Elevating Possibilities with Drones

Prepare to be amazed by cutting-edge drone technology that’s making a positive impact on human lives! Introducing our next exhibitor, AutonoSky, who will also be wowing you with a breathtaking display at the West Coast Airshow on September 30th.

AutonoSky was born from a vision of innovation in aerial systems, dedicated to supporting rescue, fire, and security organisations. Harnessing the power of AI and robotics, they’ve taken drone capabilities to new heights, aiming to save lives and conserve our precious environment.

Their commitment doesn’t stop at technology – AutonoSky offers accredited training courses that equip individuals with the expertise to excel in the drone industry. With their RPAS Operations Certificate (ROC), you can launch your drone operations confidently, knowing all legal requirements are met.