IS FLYING ON YOUR BUCKET LIST? Welcome to the wonderworld of Mother City SkyDiving! Mother City SkyDiving was founded in 2015 by a small team of highly-experienced and passionate full-time air sports professionals.

Between them, they have many hours of airtime and thousands of jumps. Living their dream, they jump daily, year-round, and genuinely love to fly! Is flying on YOUR bucket list?

Why not join us on 30 September, meet and greet the Mother City SkyDiving team and see them in action? And while you are at it, take a flyer, get their details, and make that booking for an exhilarating ride of a lifetime! You don’t need previous experience – just pack in your great sense of adventure! To this team the sky has no limit, it’s their playground of endless possibilities. Expect to witness wingsuit skydive and parachute displays on 30 September at the great big West Coast Airshow.