Born Karen Louise Greeff on August 10th, 1978 in Brussels, Belgium where her father worked as a diplomat. Relocating to South Africa at an early age, a true kid of the ’80s and 90’s. Karen attended the National School of Arts and went on to study Drama during which time she decided to pursue a career in music during the early 2000s.

While record companies quickly picked up on this authentic female artist, Karen recorded her debut album Poles Apart which was subsequently released in 2001 by EMI Music.

Karen quickly gained cult status with her music and on-stage bravado, ultimately leading to a following that the press referred to as the “Zoid Generation” and touring South Africa extensively during the early years.

Enjoying commercial success with songs like Small Room and Aeroplane Jane, Zoid was able to explore outside her borders and tour internationally. Sharing the stage with the likes of John Mayer, Metallica, Seal, UB40, and Annie Lennox to name a few.

Dubbed South Africa’s “Queen of Rock”, Karen has achieved gold album sales and was awarded Best Female Artist at the 2008 South African Music Awards.

In 2014 she joined the world of television hosting her own late-night talk show, coincidently making iTunes history with 10 consecutive number-one hits. And in 2016 joining the judging panel of The Voice SA.

With a career spanning twenty years and nine studio albums, Karen enjoys being on stage more than ever. A one-of-a-kind performer with an unmistakable voice and hard-hitting lyrics.

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In 2018 Karen opened and became the Director and stakeholder of Film and Music Studio Mothership Studios. Later in 2018 Karen Zoid and Theo Crous produced a music video for The Crossing, a tribute to Johnny Clegg with 50 prominent artists who came together to honour a true South African legend who has made an incredible mark on the music industry. This video has reached almost 2 million views on Youtube.

Friends of Johhny Clegg raised R1 Million which was donated to the Click Foundation.

Karen was awarded an honorary Professorship at Nelson Mandela University for her work in South Africa and is now an associate of CANRAD (Centre for Non-racialism and Democracy)

She started working with US-based Futurist Faith Popcorn on a futuristic Rock Opera to be completed in late 2022.

Exciting times wait with upcoming collaborations and international endeavors.

Here is a look at some of Karen’s award achievements.

2001 Geraas Award for:
Best Newcomer
Best Rock Album: Poles Apart

2003 Geraas Award for:
Album of the year – Chasing the Sun
Best Rock Album – Chasing the Sun
Best Songwriter

2012 Fiesta for:
Best performance in music-driven production
Karen Zoid (Malaika / My Engel)

Started hosting her own award-winning TV show, Republiek van Zoid Afrika

2016 SAFTA for:
Best Talk Show Host Winner

2016 Tempo Award for:
TV Presenter of the Year

2016 Ghoema for:
Song Of The Year – Toe Vind Ek Jou

2017 SAFTA for:
Best Talk Show Host

TV Series of the year:
actuality, games, reality – Republiek van Zoid Afrika, 7 seasons (award-winning)

2019 Mediaveertjies for:
Best Talk Show Host

2020 Woordtrofee
Toyota Top-orde Award

2020 Fiesta for:
Best Music Production Zoid 20-Year Pops
With Phillarmonci orchestra

Discography (albums released):
Poles Apart (2001)
Chasing The Sun (2003)
In Die Staatsteater DVD (2003)
Media (2005)
Postmodern World (2007)
Alive in a Postmodern World DVD (2008)
Ultimate Zoid (2009)
Terms & Conditions (2010)
Zoid Afrika (2012)
Drown Out The Noise (2015)
Op Die Oomblik Deel 1 (2017)
Op Die Oomblik Deel 2 (2019)
Republiek van Zoid Afrika Volume 1 – Volume 6 (2015 – 2019)
Under the Covers (2020)

Award Winning TV Show Republiek van Zoid Afrika:
Season 1 – Season 7 (2015-2019)

“Dorothy” featuring Dorothy Masuku

Karen Zoid & Vusi Mahlasela

Kurt & Karen op Klavier featuring Kurt Darren

Karen Zoid & Zolani Mahola

Under The Covers – Karen Zoid

KKNK Mothership Sessions

Toe Vind Ek Jou – with Francois van Coke

Karen Zoid & Dan Patlansky

Republiek van Zoid Afrika Live

Zoid 20-year Pops – with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra

Karen Zoid Online Rooftop Concert

New Year’s Eve Online show



Mel Botes is a South African artist known for his creative and innovative approach to music. With a background in classical guitar, jazz, and blues, Mel’s style is a unique blend of influences, drawing inspiration from artists like Pink Floyd, Sting, Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler, and classical masters like Beethoven and Vivaldi. His ability to constantly surprise listeners by pushing boundaries sets him apart as one of South Africa’s best guitar players and songwriters.

Mel’s music reflects his passion, exuberant creativity, and inquisitive mind. His compositions encompass a wide range of emotions, from bittersweet and painfully beautiful to dramatic and inspiring. His sound can be both unsettling and captivating, with unexpected explosions of sound that keep listeners engaged. Mel’s music is anything but boring.

One of Mel’s notable achievements is his tribute show titled “Crazy Diamond – A Tribute to Pink Floyd.” Since its debut in 2008 at the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival, the electrifying multi-dimensional show has been staged more than 200 times. It has received rave reviews for its authentic sounds and captivating storytelling.

Mel’s journey in music started in 1998 with his concept show and rock concert debut, “David’s Confession.” This four-part rock opera took seven years to complete and became a cornerstone of South African rock music. Mel’s ability to capture the struggle between good and evil and the power of music to influence moral choices is evident in this production.

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In addition to his own albums, Mel has also ventured into composing soundtracks for movies and television dramas. He finds satisfaction in this process, as melodies and themes come to him naturally, allowing him to express himself musically in new ways.

Mel’s dedication to his artistic vision has led him to take the road less traveled, refusing to succumb to commercial pressure. His affinity for conceptual stage shows and his unique ability to blend various musical influences, including classical, jazz, blues, and rock, have made him a standout artist in South Africa.

Whether it’s through his heartfelt lyrics, intricate guitar playing, or captivating stage performances, Mel Botes continues to captivate audiences with his powerful and entertaining music. His talent and creativity defy description, as they are best experienced first-hand. Discover the magic of Mel’s music and embark on a journey that transcends boundaries and genres.

Corné Louw

Corné Louw

Corné Louw is a captivating modern artist who approaches music in a unique and refreshing way. With his soothing storytelling voice, he has already made a remarkable impression with his debut single, “DATE NIGHT,” which also served as the title track of Corné’s highly anticipated debut album, featuring thirteen enjoyable party songs in his characteristic modern Country-Pop style. Inspired by his wife and children, Corné wanted to create music that reflects everyday events and tells stories. He shares, “I know people enjoy the ‘bokkie-sokkie’ type of music, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just not me. I wanted to release something that inspires and has meaning.” While most songs have upbeat rhythms, each track is infused with emotion, as many of them are inspired by Corné’s own life experiences.

Originally from Langebaan on the West Coast, Corné Louw has mastered the art of captivating audiences with his versatility and warm stage presence. Growing up in a musical family, his love and passion for music were nurtured from an early age. American Country songs filled his childhood home, influencing his unique musical style. While he taught himself to play the guitar with the help of his aunt, Corné officially embarked on his solo music career in 2004, after starting a business with his father.

Since then, Corné has performed at various festivals, including the KKNK and Robertson’s Wacky Wine Festival, as well as renowned venues such as Route 66 and Bok Radio’s Cowboys Restaurant.

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With his sights set on touring the country, he looks forward to introducing his music to even more music lovers. For Corné, music is the best way to express his emotions, and he enjoys writing about life in general, hoping that his songs will resonate with and mean something to others. His musical tastes encompass beautiful melodies and meaningful lyrics, with a deep-rooted love for American Country music. Influenced by overseas artists like George Jones, Randy Travis, Travis Trit, and Johnny Cash, Corné also admires local artists Karen Zoid and Riana Nel, aspiring to collaborate with them in the future.

When he’s not writing songs or performing, Corné indulges in his passion for collecting guitars. His collection boasts a variety of Gibsons and Fenders, reflecting his love for these instruments. With a twinkle in his eye, Corné shares, “I’m crazy about guitars, even though I’m not necessarily the best guitar player.”

Corné Louw believes in honest music, staying true to oneself, and delivering heartfelt performances. His fresh and modern approach, along with his unique voice, has already nestled deeply into the hearts of music lovers.




Under the exceptional leadership of Marna Smit, the WCYO Percussion Ensemble and the recently formed Marimba Band showcase their extraordinary talent. Marna, responsible for curating their repertoire and creating original arrangements, ensures captivating performances at various events and functions. The Marimba Band, established in 2023, demonstrates tremendous potential and promises to become an integral part of WCYO’s legacy.

Founded in 1996 as Carina’s Musici Orchestra, WCYO has flourished under the visionary guidance of its founder, Carina Brown. Starting with a small ensemble, the organization quickly expanded and achieved remarkable success in local events and Eisteddfods.

Today, the West Coast Youth Orchestra® stands proud with an impressive line-up that includes Senior & Junior Orchestras, a String Orchestra, Jazz & Marimba Bands, and Various Groups & Ensembles. Their initiatives are built on a strong foundation that simultaneously benefits students, schools, and communities by addressing critical social and cultural needs along the West Coast.

WCYO firmly believes that every child and young person should have equal access to their programs, regardless of background, ability, or socioeconomic status. They champion the idea that music education is a right, not a privilege.

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Join the West Coast Youth Orchestra® on an exhilarating musical journey where passion merges with talent, and young minds thrive. Together, they empower the next generation through the universal language of music.

The West Coast Youth Orchestra® (WCYO®) is an empowering non-profit organization that fosters cultural diversity and musical growth among aspiring young musicians. Their mission is to provide talented individuals with a platform to showcase their abilities through a variety of Ensembles, Bands, and Orchestras. In addition, WCYO offers Music Outreach, Development, and Educational Programs that enrich the lives of youth along the South African West Coast.



Meet Regina Lee Thompson, a 26-year-old singer and songwriter hailing from Bishop Lavis, Western Cape, but currently calling the West Coast home. Regina’s journey in the music industry began at the tender age of 14 when she took the stage at a singing competition in N1 City Mall. Since then, she has been making waves with her versatile musical talents, spanning genres from R&B to Amapiano, captivating audiences of all kinds.

One of Regina’s tracks, ‘In My Bones,’ soared to the Top 10 Club Hits on the international hit music channel Trace Urban, while ‘Down4U’ found its place on ‘KykNet’ Channel 147 on DStv. She has shared the stage with renowned artists such as Emo Adams, The Rockets, Jarred Rickets, and ‘Maak My Famous’ winner Cheswyn Ray. Regina has also graced the spotlight at ‘It’s a Love Thing V7,’ hosted by Robin Pieters.

Her track ‘What You See’ currently holds the coveted number 1 spot on the CTM Heart Top 40 Charts and ranks as number 1 on the SA Top 10 Charts as of April 15, 2023.

Regina Lee’s musical journey has taken her far and wide. She spent two years performing throughout South Africa at The Barnyard. Additionally, she shared her musical talents abroad in Spain for four years, captivating audiences on various islands. Notably, Regina was a featured performer at the Easter Come Together, where TXC headlined the event, leaving the audience in awe.



Meet the Sandveld Stoftrappers – Keepers of Heritage!

Prepare to be enchanted by the mesmerising beats of the Sandveld Stof Trappers, a group of children and youth between the ages of 6 and 20 that’s on a mission to revive the vibrant rhythm of their traditional “RIELDANS” dance.

With the ancient rhythms of the Sandveld, The Sandveld Stof Trappers will ignite a spark of cultural pride that will warm your hearts.

Born two years ago in Redelinghuys, nestled within the enchanting Sandveld, this extraordinary group is on a mission to revive the ancient art of “Rieldans” – the traditional Khoisan style of dancing that pulses with the heartbeat of their heritage.

THEIR DREAM? To proudly represent Redelinghuys in “Rieldans” competitions and showcase the rich tapestry of their culture.